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Once you have mastered the basic things we have discussed in the previous article, it is now the time to grow your Twitter account real first. Before you start following people on Twitter, I want you to be aware of Twitter TOS. Which tells us, any kind of aggressive follow or unfollow may lead to suspension of the Twitter account. So whom should you follow? It is better to target people from your same niche. Here we will discuss two tricks to grow your twitter to the 2000 limit of Twitter.

Twitter has a limit where you cannot follow more than 2000 followers until you have a good ratio. So it is very important to reach the 2000 follower milestone as soon as possible.

How are you going to achieve this?

  • Follow the right people
  • Post valuable content for your followers
  • Strategically unfollow people
  • Engage with your audience

Follow Right People

When following people you need to check how eager these people are to follow other people. For example, I would choose to follow a person who is followed by 500 people and also following 500 people and the last tweet is not more than 1 day. Because that person is most like to follow you back. The Follow ratio is very important while choosing whom to follow on Twitter.

Post valuable content

Posting valuable content is very important is very important. People often tweet and retweet about things that are valuable to them. While choosing valuable content to share, always think about Target audience. You don’t need to think about what your target audience is all about. You have to think about what your target audiences are interested in. When you post valuable content don’t think about content that you think valuable for you. But, think about what is valuable for your target audience.

Strategically unfollow People

Always remember not all of the followers you have got are going to be with you for a long time. Many of those will be unfollowing you in a few days and many won’t even follow you back. Here it comes the time to unfollow them strategically. Do not be so aggressive while unfollowing people on twitter or you will get your Twitter account suspended. While unfollowing people what I actually look into it, If I have followed those people long way back and they have not followed me yet, I unfollow them. Generally for a new account look for past two or three weeks for who have not followed you back so that you can unfollow those people and follow more people who are more likely to be interested in following you back until you hit the 2000 followers.

Engage with an audience

Now the most important thing that comes to do is, engaging with your audience. If you are not engaging with your audience, then you are not taking time to know your audience. And if you do not know your audience, you can not provide them valuable content. So, you have to engage with your audience to get more opportunities and engagements for your Twitter account, that will lead you to success.

There are some additional tools that can help you to boost your Twitter followers on the primary stage. Let us discuss them in short.


Tweepi is a third party service for Twitter which allows you to track your and your competitors’ Twitter account in a better way. It gives you recommended actions and Follow suggestions based on your current audience status and those people are most probably going to follow you back. Using Tweepi, you can copy followers on another Twitter user based on their Follow ratio. We will discuss it, in the tools section of the book.

By using Tweepi, you will get some targeted following and many of them (if their follow ratio is good) are probably going to follow you back. But, that is not enough to boost your Twitter follower count to 2000, in few days. So, I would recommend you to use these three Twitter tools to get more followers


Twiends is a third party tool Dedicated to Twitter that allows you to follow people in exchange for points, you then “cash in” these points to get more followers. Once you join Twiends, your Twitter profile is listed in their user directory. Now, you need some visibility to get Followers. How can you boost your visibility? It is quite simple. You have to follow people on Twitter using Twiends.
Pros of using Twiends:

  • Twiends can potentially boost your follower count.
  • Twiends allows you to connect with many people across the world.
  • Twiends may get your website visitors or potential sales.
  • Having more followers has an effect on people psychologically. It makes them think you are “popular” so they’re more likely to follow you.
  • If the new follower likes your tweets it may allow for more favorites and retweets.

Cons of using Twiends:

  • Most of the followers on Twiends are only seeking out a follow back.
  • There’s a lot of fake bot accounts on Twiends so you won’t get a high conversion rate.
  • A lot of people will spam your “DM” box with all kinds of bogus links.
  • If you want to get followers without following a bunch of random accounts you have to pay.

You don’t have to be a Twitter expert to use Twiends. Many people would like to follow accounts that tweet motivational quotes, random facts, funny thoughts, and other interesting content. If you tweet interesting content that people would appreciate, then you should be fine.

AddMeFast and YouLikeHits

We have already discussed how to use Twiends to boost followers on Twitter. AddMeFast and YouLikeHits websites do the similar thing for boosting the follower count. But, there is a small change. Instead of seeds, here we have points. The best part of these 2 websites is, they are not restricted to Twitter. You can like, comment and share on any social media platform using these tools to gather points. And then redeem those points to get followers on Twitter.

By these methods, you will get more than 2000 followers on Twitter. But, is that what you really wanted? In the end, you want more than just a number. It’s great to gain 2,000 Twitter followers, but if none of those followers are targeted. So, you have to keep on connecting with people to get more targeted followers.

I hope this article will be useful and hopefully I can comment on how it went after applying this.I would love to have your comments and your opinion on your first 2,000 twitter followers.

If you want to contact me It will be a pleasure interacting with you.

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